The Ant (BLACK) MK ll AC Powercord 15A/20A (2.0M)

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• “FBE” conductor technology (Frequency balance evolution)
Conductors are divided into 3 groups: Line, Neutral and Ground. Conductors are groups that meet the low, middle and high areas (total conductor size Ø 8
• Combining 3 types of conductors: Pure Copper OFC, OCC Pure Copper and Pure Copper OFC Silver Plate. All conductors come in 5 sizes.
• 4 layers of insulation covering
Layer 1.Air Tube prevents moisture absorption. Prevents crushing or bending
Layer 2. Insulation prevents signal complications. (Complications)
Layer 3. Magnetic field insulation (Magnetic field)
Layer 4. Insulation prevents static electricity (Static electricity).
• Wattgate 350Evo & 330 Evo Aluminuim Block
• Interior design principles to prevent heat buildup in the conductor Makes the sound stress free Without harshness

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